Killer Instinct hits Xbox One in unfinished form

If you like your games, well… complete, then you might want to hold off on downloading the XBONE revival of Rareware’s classic fighter. As it stands now, Killer Instinct offers only training, survival, and two-player online modes (and from what I’ve read, the online duels do not allow spectators). That’s it. No arcade mode and no story mode, although Double Helix Games has promised the latter.


Under construction: please use left lane.


Oddly enough, KI offers more download options than gameplay modes:

  • A free-to-play version that limits you to playing with one single character, Jugo (essentially a demo).
  • Additional characters will run you $5 each.
  • $20 will score you all six release-day characters and two more characters to be added later.
  • $40 gets you the Ultra edition, which includes the eight aforementioned characters and–for your extra $20–two versions of the original 1994 Killer Instinct.

If you’re keeping score at home, you can enjoy an unfinished next-gen fighter and two versions of a twenty-year-old arcade game for forty bucks. And you thought you’d have to wait till Black Friday for outrageous deals…



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