Mass Effect (PS3) Review: 6/10

This weekend I managed to distill all my mixed, twisted feelings on the original Mass Effect into one neat summation. If you’re not into lengthy reading, my closing thoughts on Mass Effect are below. Click Here to go to GameFAQs for the full-length review.


As conflicted as I’ve felt about a game in ages.

Mass Effect is not a landmark game. Not in the history of gaming, nor in recent memory. While the writers have cooked up a compelling universe and a worthy storyline, the game as a whole is sloppy, uneven, and ultimately average. While I wouldn’t characterize it as a trainwreck, I can’t recommend it as anything more than a decent game set in a unique and enthralling sci-fi world. The watered-down combat, trippy frame rate, underdeveloped characters, and dreadful sidequests all hold this one back. If you must play the entire trilogy, then give Mass Effect a go; otherwise, skip straight to its sequels.

+ Intriguing storyline
+ Brilliantly designed sci-fi universe with alien races, political systems, etc.
+ Dialogue system that enables freedom to construct your own story
+ Solid voice acting

– Rickety frame rate
– Watered-down combat
– Shaky ally A.I.
– Supporting cast members have muddled identities
– Uninspiring side missions


7 thoughts on “Mass Effect (PS3) Review: 6/10

  1. Read the whole thing. Good review with a few things I’d improve upon.
    -25 Hours to complete a vame is not short, even by standards back then. That’s about the length of Bioshock. The second does feel rushed however.
    -Your review read more like a 7 than a 6 but that’s up to you. Your assessment of the game as a whole was right on the money. Do play the second game. It improves on the gameplay in every way.

    • Thanks for the full read, as well as the critique of my points. Too long/short is subjective, but due to the game’s story arc, I felt that the whole experience came up a little short. When I was about 15 hours into it, it felt like things were taking off, so when it ended a few missions later, I felt gypped.

      And I actually struggled between giving it a 6 or 7. The game is the epitome of 6.5 in my book, but I knocked it down to a 6 mainly because the combat was so flat.

  2. Mass Effect 1 from me is at least an 7. I know it’s not a perfect game by any means but I love it all the same. I might even push it up to an 8. It depends on how I feel after I beat the game again.

  3. Sorry for the double post but part 2 is my favorite game of all time and I highly recommend you play it :]. It’s nothing like part 1

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