PS4 launch titles misfiring till 2014

The theme for next-gen news over the past few days has been “next-year.” On Tuesday Ubisoft announced that their stealth-action game Watch Dogs wouldn’t reach gamers till Spring 2014–a huge letdown considering it was among the most hyped PS4 launch titles. Today, the PS4-exclusive racer Driveclub saw its own release pushed back to February.


Amazon and GameStop had to provide alternatives for those who pre-ordered the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle.

For most, the loss of Watch Dogs is the tragic news, but the biggest losers are the PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s be honest: system launch days have been embarrassing in recent years. Aside from Halo back in 2001, can you name any other launch game that set the world afire? Zelda: Twilight Princess was technically a Gamecube title, so don’t get cute, Wii fans. That leaves you with Perfect Dark Zero for 360, Resistance for PS3, and all of last year’s ports for Wii U. If you want to go portable, take your pick from 3DS’s opening day hodgepodge or Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. Have a favorite yet? Yeah, me neither.

Launch day has become misfire day ever since the glory years when you could pick up Super Mario World or Super Mario 64 on day one. The problem–at least in my view–is that focus has shifted from software to hardware. Gone are the days when you bought a Nintendo system to play the new Mario. Instead, consumers and media members can’t stop talking about PS4 and XBONE–the systems themselves. E3 2013 generated more headlines about used-game policies and online capabilities than anything else. Whether gamers were defending or urinating on Microsoft, their opinions targeted XBONE, not its games. To be fair, homogenized 3rd-party lineups have diminished exclusive software as a selling point, but still–why don’t we care about the games anymore?


N64 released with only two games, but no one cared since Super Mario 64 was one of them.

No one could blame Sony and Microsoft for releasing their next-gen consoles right before the holidays, but their launch lineups are a bit undignified. I suppose if you crave Killzone or Battlefield, there’s a case for purchasing a PS4, but with all the hot PS3 and 360 titles on the way, waiting is the wise man’s move. That is, if you’re wise enough to value software over hardware.


6 thoughts on “PS4 launch titles misfiring till 2014

    • Fine, fine, I’ll give you a few points for listing a solid game.

      But it’s a stretch to say it “set the world afire.” The first PS2 games to fit that description were MGS2 and GTA3.

  1. Umm the Wii had an awesome launch title. Wii Sports. Technically it was bundled with every console but that’s already more than a system with no good games to play on.

    • Tough call on Wii Sports. Even though opinions are split on it, you could make a case for it. Still, it’s hard to think of it as a system-seller.

      This is just my view, but if you adopted a Wii early, it was because you were enamored by Zelda or the wacky new controller.

  2. Wow…I looked up some recent launches just to see, and they were pretty barren. Even with Mario 64, the Nintendo 64’s lauch wasn’t fairly lackluster. Yeah, I enjoyed PIlotwings, but it wasn’t a must buy title. I’d say the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis were the last great console launches for games.

    • That’s the problem with rushing hardware out before Black Friday. Gamecube was dangerously close to having SSBMelee as a launch title, but it did hit stores till December 3rd. Other systems had to wait a lot longer than that.

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