Mobile version of Final Fantasy VI will cut down on battles so you can “enjoy the game for what it is”

Ready for today’s sign of the apocalypse? No, it’s not the fact that Square-Enix is force-feeding us another Final Fantasy re-release; instead, producer Takashi Tokita stated that the upcoming mobile release of Final Fantasy VI will do away with level grinding for the most part. That’s one thing, but his choice of words–“so you […] can enjoy the game for what it is”–is driving me insane.

For what it is? FFVI is what is it is!

Now, I don’t have the highest opinion of FFVI, but it’s alarming to me that Square is chopping out a portion of the gameplay–even for a mobile version. I understand their motivation: “cut the fat” and give mobile gamers a better-paced story. That makes sense for phone owners who may only play for 10 or 20 minutes on the subway. Yet at the same time, it seems like a way of cheapening the experience. If the game is easy enough to blow right through, then why bother mixing party combinations, experimenting with the Esper system, or collecting Gau’s abilities in the Veldt (the best excuse to grind)?


Kefka might lose to a gang of Level 15-ers this time around.

From a storytelling standpoint this makes a ton of sense, but I’m not eager so see the game portion of the game get stripped down. Now, have we come to expect minimal level-grinding in today’s RPGs? Sure. I’m glad Square is addressing this, but remodeling one of their classic games is not the way to sing their understanding of today’s market.

On top of all this, there’s a blown opportunity here. If Square wants limit grinding, why not include more story content, more sidequests, or even a battle arena? Include something that could bridge the process of leveling up rather than eliminate it.

If you truly want to enjoy FFVI “for what it is,” go get yourself the original cart, the GBA remake, or an emulated version. This condensed-soup mobile version is yet another attempt for Square to milk their landmark series. Only difference this time around is a slip in integrity.


13 thoughts on “Mobile version of Final Fantasy VI will cut down on battles so you can “enjoy the game for what it is”

  1. I’ve actually not bothered reading anything about this re-release other than “it’s being made”, so I was actually unaware of the modifications being made. As a huge fan of this installment in the series, reading this makes me very, very sad. I suppose this is along the same line of thinking as the inclusion of a “character booster” in the windows re-release of Final Fantasy VII.

    I didn’t feel that FInal Fantasy VI had that much grind to begin with, compared to other games in the genre. Sure, people enjoy games for different reasons, some people might just like a good story, but if actual gameplay is becoming optional or absent, what’s the point of playing games in the first place?

    • That’s what scares me the most. When you take the game out of the game, sirens should be going off everywhere.

      And this is coming from a guys who loves story-driven games like Phoenix Wright and 999.

      • You’re absolutely correct. It’s my all time favorite story but this is just ridiculous as FFVI was the PERFECT combination of Story and Gameplay. And as an avid FF player who’s played every single one and beaten most of them multiple times I can say FFVI is the ONLY one to have this balance.

  2. Why won’t they just kill this series already? Basically they’re taking an easy game and making it easier? How does that even make sense?

  3. One of the things I had the most fun with in this game was taking Gau to the Veldt and finding enemies for him to travel off with and learn new moves. I didn’t even consider it grinding. Leveling up was just a bonus to boosting his abilities.

    • Agreed. Collecting Gau’s skills was so creative and well-implemented that it felt like a legit part of the quest. Shame that mobile gamers will likely pass it off entirely. Hell, Square might as well just give you all his abilities from the start.

  4. I am not a huge fan of Final Fantasy series, but it is good to see developers to port or bring their successful titles to mobile platforms. With technology in these devices evolving in a really good pace, I think the golden age of mobile gaming is yet to come in the close future. Btw nice article 🙂

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    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with Square bringing classic games to iPhones and such. But when you give consumers an abridged version of a classic, something’s dead wrong.

      • Its a long run to the point, when games on phones will be essentially the same as on other platforms, so this is a compromise, the necessary bad. It is of course questionable whether it is necessary or not, but at least they try. Better to fail than not even trying in my opinion. And they get experience, learn from their mistakes hopefully.

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