The Liebster Award

The other day auronnbe from the blog RetroPals nominated me for this Liebster Award. It sounds like a prize for exquisite German seafood, but it’s actually geared toward us bloggers. Anyway, this Liebster Award is great because it lets bloggers nominate other bloggers and engage through questions and answers. Anyone who reads my blog knows I have strong opinions and ideas concerning the world of gaming, but that doesn’t tell my full story as a gamer or a person. Hopefully, some of auronnbe’s questions can flesh me out more. And, better yet, I’m banking on my questions shedding light on my nominees.


Liebster Rules:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
3. Choose eleven people to give this award to and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs.

Eleven Facts about myself:

1. I’m a published short story author who’s been a regional finalist (2010) and a national semi-finalist (2013) in two fiction contests. Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bret Easton Ellis are among my favorite authors, and I like to believe my style has borrowed from theirs. My stories usually involve quirky characters, bizarre scenarios, or a sci-f/horror element of some sort. 

2. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but I’ve also lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Tallahassee, Florida. Favorite place on earth? Giant’s Causeway at the tip of Northern Ireland.


Pictures don’t do the Land of Ire any justice.

3. I’ve been a diehard fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars since I was five. And, yes, it’s been brutal.


My Jags have won seven games in since 2010. Cue the depressing music.

4. I’m an avid runner, and I alternate between five different pairs of Asics.

5. I don’t drink. It started in high school as a nonconformist sort of thing, then I just stuck with it. It’s a bigger life decision than you’d think–alcohol is a major part of American society.


Just because I’m Irish and a writer doesn’t mean I get schnozzled to the gills every night.

6. I attended grad school at Florida State, thinking I wanted to be an English professor. Trouble was, I hated teaching and felt that writing critical essays on dead authors was a sycophantic and numbing task. I’d rather make fiction than overanalyze someone else’s.

7. I’m a big-time germophobe. I don’t eat with my bare hands, and I open most door with my feet or shoulders.

8. I’m a metalhead. My favorite bands include Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Overkill, Pantera, Skid Row, and Anthrax.


Dudes in leather? If it’s these guys, then yes.

9. I hate dogs.

10. When I was 17, I survived a car accident that sent my car spinning before it popped in the air and landed roof-first in a ditch. My only injury? A tiny bruise on the inside of my right knee. Thank God.

11. I can carry on entire conversations in Seinfeld quotes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


“It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza

Questions from auronnbe:

1.        Retro gaming or current gen gaming?

Current-gen. Though most of my all-time favorites are from the 90s, it’s hard to deny the evolution that’s occurred in recent years in terms of gameplay, presentation, and storytelling.

2.        What’s your favorite game series?

Zelda or Metroid

3.        What will be the next big thing in gaming?

Virtual representations of famous actors as game characters. We’re seeing it in Beyond: Two Souls, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it becomes prevalent within this decade.


Virtual Wilem Dafoe could lead to virtual Liam Neeson, virtual Christian Bale, and (gulp) virtual Tom Cruise.

4.        Do you buy your games digitally?

Only if I have to. I like having something tangible to remember a game by.

5.        Pc or consoles?

Consoles. I associate the PC with work/writing/etc.

6.        Do you like the trend of a collector’s edition for every game?

No. It screws over the folks who support games from day one. I’m actually hesitant about buying Batman Arkham Origins because I know there will be a GOTY Edition this time next year.

7.        Looking forward to Mighty No. 9?

Just so long as they don’t make twenty sequels in the next four years. But, seriously, I’m stoked for a fresh take on Mega Man.


With Mega Man as burnt out as 50-year-old hooker, Mighty No. 9 looks to revitalize the run-n-gun sidescroller.

8.        Collecting full sets?


9.        You’re favorite game of all time?

Final Fantasy VIII. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is right there with it.

10.      You’re worst game of all time?

In terms of disappointment? Metal Gear Solid 4. In terms of being a steaming heap of shit? Hey, You, Pikachu for the N64. Remember that one? Eighty bucks for a boxfull of frustration and voice-recognition issues.

11.       Which is the best/worst game to movie conversion ever?

I’ve honestly never watched a movie based on a video game.

My 11 Nominations:

After Dark Gaming

Ocarina of Time Nerd

Aspie Gaming


Video Game Central

The Credible Hulk

Geek Force Network

Real Retro Gaming

At The Buzzer

We Are All Geeks

Delfino Report

Questions for my nominees:

1) How has playing video games affected non-gaming aspects of your life?

2) Your main character in Super Smash Bros. (N64, Melee, or Brawl)?

3) Are video games art? Why or why not?

4) Favorite video game storyline?

5) RPGs or Shooters?

6) What’s the most $$$ you’ve spent on a single video game?

7) Based on future game lineups alone, pick one: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U.

8) You can play your favorite multiplayer game for the next four hours. Is it online or local multiplayer?

9) Rarest game in your collection?

10) What’s the worst thing that’s happened to gaming since the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era?

11) You are in charge of either Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft for the next ten years. What one big idea/change would you build your legacy upon?

Hope you guys enjoyed this. If I nominated you, keep the torch burning and nominate eleven of your own favorite blogs. Game on, fellas.


11 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Heyhet thanks! That was a great read. I’m glad I nominated you :). Really like your writing style and I hope to get at your level once. You’re opinion is very clear on all questions and I can understand why you oicked those answers.
    Good luck in the future and I look forward to more material from you :)!

      • That’s why I started it with my Retropal :)! But you’re it.
        I also have the extra difficulty that English isn’t my native speaking language, but if you wanna be heard by the world, you gotta go for English.

      • Yeah, I saw you’re from Belgium. I actually knew a few Belgian folks while I was over in Ireland. I kept mixing them up with the French since their accents were pretty similar.

        And for the record, I have immense respect for anyone who can write in English when it’s their second language. While in Europe, I encountered loads of people who could barely carry on a conversation in English… and then there’s writing, which is an entirely different beast.

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