Title Screen: Hitting the Power Button

I’m kicking off this blog for numerous reasons:

1) Because with all the emphasis on the capabilities of modern-day gaming systems (online play, multimedia, trophies/achievements, friend lists, and all other social and eletronic hooplah), the good ol’ single player adventures I love get caught in the underbrush. And I’ve had it. So expect hard emphasis on RPGs, action-adventures, visual novels, and any great story-driven games out there. 

2) Because my gargantuan gaming backlog begs me to play games that aren’t exactly recent. Old-school stuff (Grandia II, anyone?) and even today’s games that have toppled off the discussion plateaus of major game sites. I may be late to the bash, but who’s saying no to a little post-release perspective from a guy like me?

3) Because of the occasional compulsive urge to get all misty over games I cherished years ago. And the occasional flare of disagreement that burns through me every time someone praises FFVI or Super Mario Galaxy.

4) Because I need to write more. 1,000 to 3,000 daily words of fiction is great. Adding in a couple blog posts is better.

5) Because–hey, I’ll be honest–I want to become a gaming journalist and I need to start somewhere. Tell me it’s not too late.

As of now, I’m aiming to use this blog as a means of discussing games primarily, as well as my outlook on game systems and the industry. But games primarily–I didn’t buy a PS3 to watch a Batman Blu-Ray or to stream Netflix; nor did I buy a 3DS to snap 3D photos of my lawn chairs. 

How this blog will play out remains to be seen. I’m not gonna nail myself down to certain daily or weekly requirements. I’m gonna cook up some ideas, chew on them, and see if the recipe sticks. Reviews, news, top 10s, and plenty else can happen. If you’re a visitor and you love/hate something, drop me a line and let me know.


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